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Have you ever gone through this process?

You have time for a round of golf on Friday afternoon and want to invite 3 others to play. You call or email 3 of your best golfing buddies, get in touch with one, who says yes, leave a message for one, and have one who says, sorry I can’t play. Now you have to contact another, to replace the golfer who responded no, and wait to hear from the golfer with whom you left the message. Depending on how successful you are getting in touch with additional friends and what their response is, this could take several more hours of time and many efforts at communication.

Golfbuds.com is intended to simplify this process through a sophisticated and easy to use system for organizing your golf outings or events.

Instead of the scenario above, through golfbuds.com, you would select the friends you want to invite and golfbuds.com will send emails inviting them to your outing and manage the response and invitation process. If you want to organize your outing on a first to accept basis, golfbuds.com would send out invitations to as many people as you desire and the first 3 to accept would play in the event. If you want to invite friends to play in a specific order, golfbuds would use that order (you specify it in the invitation process) to extend and accept invitations until you have 3 (you set this minimum number) people playing.

If this is confusing, it is easier to use than it is to explain. Give it a try and let us know what you think.

This is a beta release of golfbuds.com which contains the basic features planned for the site. There are many other enhancements that will be made over the coming months and the site will be updated as these are implemented.

This initial release is intended for the individual golfer or small groups who frequently play. It is designed for those who have limited time to call or email friends to arrange a game and for those who frequently play and want to make this process more efficient. This is not an issue that ranks very high up on the list of world problems, but if you are frequently the one in your group who organizes the outings, and you have many friends who play, give it a try. Hopefully, it will save you time and simplify the process.

It provides them with a system for tagging or organizing their golfbuds and inviting them to play, to go on golf trips, or to participate in regularly scheduled games. It then tracks your golf outings including those you are hosting and those where you are invited to play.

The golfbuds you enter into the site are not shared with any other users (unless you deliberately and through some other means do so), so this is not a social networking site for golfers. It is designed for you to contact your friends, not share those friends with others. This feature preserves the privacy of your golf groups and the golf tradition of playing with those whom you enjoy.

Golfbuds.com is free to individuals organizing small groups. An enhanced version with features designed to be used for larger groups, by golf clubs, associations, and leagues will be released soon.